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Sugary Vanilla - Supertan - Supertan



Shimmering Accelerator

In order to sparkle and intrigue. At the party, on the beach, every day of your life. In order to have body and soft leather, Golden brown, full of dazzling brilliance and alluring. Especially for you, fill in the formula with a strong aloe Vera juice a moisturizer that takes care of fantastic to your skin while tanning. Tyrosine stimulates the effective formation of pigmentation, so you can enjoy a Golden tan faster, and hemp seed oil and cocoa butter, which firm and help your skin recover after sun exposure. To put the feeling of silky softness and comfort. Sugary Vanilla gives you everything you need to radiate beauty (not only inner beauty).


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Sugary Vanilla


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3 boosters extract of cannabis formula shimmer + +

  • The accelerator effect of gloss and natural looking tan
  • Stunning aroma of the wool with vanilla
  • Perfect for those who are already tanned.


The hemp seed oil.- After application, forms a layer at the end of chapters the surface of the skin, avoiding excessive evaporation of water from the surface of the skin, acondicionando, humectando, softening and smoothing skin perfectly. Because of its protective properties and regenerative, especially popular products in the sun protection for tanning beds.


Tyrosine.- Amino acids required for proper development of skin pigmentation. Delivered product to care for the body, acts as a catalyst in melanogénesis (reactions of melanin synthesis). This is one of tanning activators the most famous, safe and effective, used in cosmetics.


Aloe Vera.- One of the components that cosmetics the oldest and most respected. Has a wide range of properties to care for, very many ingredients, vitamins, and effectiveness is invaluable. Strengthens the skin with strength, moisturize, shows properties, soothes irritations, has a soothing effect on sunburn, promotes wound healing and acts as an antioxidant, it delays ageing of the skin.

A bottle of 200ml.

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Product qualityProfessional
Business relationshipOfficial seller
Amount of product200ml
Delivery time:In stock
Nationality manufacturerUSA
TypeTanning accelerators
Type of cosmeticAccelerator without DHA


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