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Stretchers and chairs

In Sunmarket we are aware of the needs of each of the sectors to which we turn. That is why we have selected a line of stretchers and chairs adapted to every need: stretchers aesthetics, massage centers, podiatry and pedicure chairs, stretchers and gurneys relaxing spa adapted for therapeutic massage.


  • Chairs Podiatry
    With the chairs of podiatry of Sunmarket, caring for the health of the feet with specific techniques is made truly simple. With the advice of experts in podiatry, has created furniture that offers high-performance, postural, with folding seatbacks and area of legs independent. It is of armchairs fully stable in which the professionals work comfortable and the patients feel well.
  • Stretchers of esthetics

    All our stretchers aimed at beauty centers and aesthetic medicine centers incorporate advanced technology in its internal structure, so that its external services are perfect. Working with them, change their position, feeling their high quality textures or just lie is a comfortable and sensory experience.

  • Stretchers massage

    A stretcher can contribute passively to complete a good massage by a physiotherapist. Physical therapists and massage therapists appreciate greatly the use of our stretchers of massage that meet the special needs . With a height adjustable and padded in different densities. Ergonomically perfect so that the positions taken are correct, and the results of the therapies are complete.

  • Gurneys Spa
    Sunmarket moved the relaxation of the spa to a special line of stretchers massage spa of great quality. The warmth of wood, the nice touch of the upholstery and the amplitude of their dimensions become key elements that contribute to the generation of atmospheres, minimalist calm and well-being. That moved the senses to another dimension of relaxation
  • Stretchers electric

    We have selected the best eectricas stretchers for all sectors, aesthetics, spa massage, therapeutic massage, pedicure ... We emphasize the high quality of the finishes of our stretchers, being very tough and very high quality upholstery. You can find our couches and armchairs, 1 to 5 engines.

  • Massage centres
    Lie down and feel the pleasant massage professionals who perform our massage centres, that will transfer to a new world of comfort and relaxation. Using the best techniques that are used in professional massage centres. So it is only necessary to select the desired program to enjoy this wonder of the technique.
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