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Matrix Compact L28-ER is a powerful combination of technology, design, safety, efficiency and low running costs and easy compatibility with all environments.
Essential design with open style, absolute safety and high efficiency for superior tanning sessions
The comfort and the extremely compact dimensions are outstanding characteristics that make this solarium a reference for the entire sector.

As with all ISO ITALIA products, quality marks certify that the components used comply with strict safety standards.


28 high-pressure UV-A lamps, with 5 tanning units arranged radially around the user's body - 6 lamps in each upper unit and 5 in each lower unit, plus an intense facial unit with 6 650 W lamps, ensuring tanning sessions tanning that are not only shorter and more effective, but also very comfortable, thanks to a powerful user-adjustable ventilation system, perfect soundproofing and a stereo system with headphones. Highly reliable electronic safety devices protect users against the consequences of any possible breakage or malfunction.
The DEC (Dynamic Energy Control) allows to electronically control and monitor high pressure lamps.


Like all latest generation ISO Italia models, Matrix Compact L28-ER is equipped with the revolutionary
ER reflectors . With their absolutely innovative features, these reflectors guarantee optimal distribution of UV rays throughout the body and the highest possible tanning efficiency for the power emitted, significantly reducing operating costs. The arrangement of the five tanning units around the user's body.
Ensure short but effective tanning sessions.


Matrix is the most advanced tanning technology, the future of UVA rays, the tomorrow of tanning treatments.
Absolutely innovative, reliable and practical, Matrix is the new series of solariums with circular action, revolutionizing tanning sessions and guaranteeing the best results in perfect relaxation.
The Matrix Compact L28-ER provides details on the number of sessions completed, hours of operation, and
the right time to change the lamps.
You can offer four different tanning programs. Voice synthesis can personalize messages informing about correct tanning.


  • 22 Body Evolution Light Lamps x 500 W
  • 6 Face Evolution Light Lamps x 650 W
  • Total kW : 14.9
  • Total absorption KW / A : 17.3/27.7

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