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Dayon LightSpa Beauty

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More than a tanning booth at home.

DAYON LightSpa is much more than just a home tanning unit or tanning bed. LightSpa is your own personal oasis where you can enjoy the sun and light all year long. For a beautiful natural tan that is gentle on the skin.

Light is essential to life and has a direct impact on performance, well-being and even our appearance. Each spectrum of light has different effects on our body.
LightSpa uses the biopositive effects of well dosed sunlight and nourishing red light.

DAYON LightSpa gives you a beautiful soft tan for your skin. Sunlight not only improves your mood, but also gives your skin a natural tan. DAYON LightSpa uses a carefully balanced spectrum of UVA and UVB that is similar to sunlight to give your skin a full, natural tan.

LightSpa Hybrid and LightSpa Beauty complement the soft tanning UV light with a soft red "Beauty Light". Special red light is applied to the deeper layers of your skin, promoting the production of collagen in your body. This helps reduce fine lines and visibly tightens the skin. The revitalizing effect of this red light and its positive treatment for the skin have been confirmed in several studies. Combined with UV light, this gentle light helps your skin feel comfortable and creates a beautiful glow.

To make your time away even more relaxing, you can also make the most of the benefits of a range of scents in your LightSpa, as these too can have a direct impact on our mood, revitalizing us or helping us relax. Swiss Pine Natural Essential Oil is the perfect way to complete your spa experience and ensures that you enjoy your time in the sun with all your senses.

The best known effect of sunlight is the formation of vitamin D from the UVB content in the light. However, due to our current standard of living, we only have limited opportunities to generate vitamin D naturally. After all, we spend most of our days in sealed rooms and behind windows that filter UVB rays from sunlight. With a modern tanning bed at home, you can recharge with sun and light all year round: 15 minutes in a LightSpa corresponds to around 25 minutes of summer sun in Central Europe. So the winter blues are now a thing of the past.

Technical characteristics:

-Silent cooling
-aromatic function
-Ergonomic bed
-Bright screen
-3 speed fan settings
-Option to turn off face area
-Child lock
-Hour meter

Technical specifications:

-Consumption: max. 3,000 watts (230V)
-Weight: 150kg
-Load on acrylic glass panel: max. 135kg
-Dimensions (L x D x H): 216 cm x 112 cm x 124 cm
-Recommended installation area: 240 cm x 150 cm

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