Professionals Solariums

Professional tanning of leading international brands, which guarantee a Tan fast, safe and convenient to their customers. The best tanning market, high quality and European manufacture. Let yourself be advised by a team of professionals that is at your service since 2002. A machine of UV RAYS in its Center, is the best option to monetize a small space. Professional tanning: Ergoline, Megasun, UWE, Hapro, Alisun, Q-Med


  • Sunbeds

    The Professional Tanning Beds, are the complete solution to Tan your customers needs. Some of these solariums, have new features, increasingly demanded by customers increasingly demanding; air conditioning, music mp3, bluetooth, water spray, aromatherapy sessions... tanning that become an experience wellness, available in the best tanning centers. Do not hesitate and decide for a solarium of high performance to your living room. Ask our commercial agents. The best international brands: Ergoline, Megasun, UWE, Hapro Luxura

  • Tanning Booth

    Tanning centers, beauty centers, gyms, hotels... All they can do 2 or 3 meters the most profitable per square meter space for your business, our solariums comply with all European guarantees on quality and efficiency of tanning. If you have little space and want to offer the services of tanning with tanning of high performance, the winning option are the vertical solarium.

  • Solarium Facial Tanners

    Specially designed for facial tanning, our solariums comply with all European guarantees quality and efficiency of suntan. With a relatively low power consumption, these high-performance solariums become more income option

  • Machines Collagen

    Colariums, with tubes and lamps of collagen, which rejuvenates the skin, due to the emission of a light of 633nm. This light stimulates and accelerates the creation of new collagen and elastin in the skin. Getting a younger looking skin, with less wrinkles, more fresh and without impurities.

  • Control systems

    The control systems, are devices and computers capable of establishing communication with the solariums, to manually control the exposure time of the sessions. These devices are essential when selecting solariums professionals.

  • Solariums of the Occasion

    We have plenty of solariums of occasion available, it is not always posted on this website. Please contact our customer care department. 

  • Centros completos
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