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Tube UV professional with a duration of 1000 hours. For machines with tubes 160W.



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PureSun 160W 1ST 600H Sylvania. Offer

Sylvania PureSun

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Tubes UV Professionals with a duration of 1000 hours. For machines with tubes 160W.
160W with Reflector
1000H UVB 1.0 UVA33 SEF 0.10 176CM

SYLVANIA is the number one manufacturer of lamps and tubes
With this lamp we provide GUARANTEE of a quality unattainable by any other brand

PureSun is designed to tan gently, within the limits set by EU regulations governing all types of equipment of a tan. Based on scientific research, these values of irradiance photobiological limit to 0.3 W / m2, which is equivalent to the summer sun at midday in the Mediterranean. In other words: the, the maximum level of security is what we have evolved to enjoy, in a natural way.

Long-lasting UV stability of PureSun ensures session timing constant even after hundreds of hours. And PureSun operates in the spectrum for precise wavelength required for the maximum effect of tanning, but with a reduction of the irradiation. As well, offers the right balance by the time reliable, uniform, and smooth tan, and again. Design and manufacturing of advanced quality ensures that PureSun overshadows constantly the competition to get amazing results.


Data sheet

Minimum purchase25
EU 0.3Yes
Delivery time:In stock
Length mm1760
Nationality manufacturerEuropean Union - Germany
TypeTan Tube UVA
Lamp Hour Life600



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