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Pressotherapy Premium Digital with Electroestimulacion and Sauna, 3-in-1


Pressotherapy Digital 3-in-1 Premium
electrostimulation + sauna and full-color touchscreen display.

New version 3.0 of our pressotherapy 3 in 1, with accessories of a higher quality

Pressotherapy professional full, with pacing and sauna, 3-in-1 Digital and full-color display, is our best equipment of presotherapy

Get fast results with treatments shorter.

Simple operation thanks to its full color screen and menu screen graphics, modern design with vertical wheels and of a size smaller than that of the version 1.0 and 2.0.

The air tubes are placed in the front for a quick connection and disconnection. This is a computer very silent.
Includes 1 protective blanket stretcher organizer, where you can place all the accessories and power to maintain order in the cabin.

Apparatus for pressotherapy combined offering 3 functions in 1:

  • Lymphatic drainage through Pressotherapy
  • Passive gymnastics EMS
  • Thermotherapy by infrared heat

All the accessories included.

Pressotherapy: - 10 channels.

  • 2 arms.
  • 1 belt abdomen and buttocks, fully adaptable, extent, width 130cm.
  • 2 boots-legs, adjustable to different body sizes. Measures (width 63cm, Width, length 96cm, length, bottom 66cm).
  • 1 protective blanket and organizer of hoses in the practical side bags.

Accessories with velcro high quality that suits any body type.


  • 5 large electrodes.
  • 5 electrodes pequecos.
  • Bands


  • Power: 350 W
  • Voltage: 240/110 V
  • Frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • Bars 0.32 bars, 0.22 bars 0.10 bars.
  • 40, 80, 120 mmHg.
  • 20 cameras
  • Touch screen color
  • Easy programming
  • Computer is very quiet.
  • Measures apparatus (cm) 24 width x 40 depth x 96 high

Quality Sunmarket:

  • Replacement equipment in case of breakdown
  • Availability of spare parts all accessories and spare parts.
  • Warranty 2 years
  • Phone service start-up or ongoing face-to-face in our facilities
  • Exclusive and complete manual in Spanish edited by our Department technician.
  • Online course by videotutorial.
  • Shipping in 24/48 hours

Aesthetic appliances for professional - Pressotherapy
Available in our showroom in Valencia, come to know it.

Immediate funding online

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Pressotherapy 3 in 1 Digital Premium with Electroestimulacion and Sauna V. 3.0


1 082,50€ Tax excluded

1 480,00€


Delibery: 24/48h

Data sheet

Warranty2 years
Other details:Touch Screen Color
Other details:Easy programming
Other details:Very silent device.
Other details:Pressure: 80, 120 and 20 mmHg.
Other details:Pressure: Bars 0.32 bars, 0.22 bars 0.10 bars.
Other details:Device Measurements (cm) 24 x 40 x 96
Other details:Gross weight (kg) 12
Other details:Availability of spare parts for all accessories
Other details:Total air chambers: 20 (abdomen air chambers: 4) (air chambers legs: 4x2) (air chambers arms: 4x2) (Feet air chambers: 2x2
Other details:Replacement equipment in case of breakdown
Other details:Video tutorial in english


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