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MY Automatic Spray


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MY exclusively uses the Technology MicroCore patented to apply the solution to self-tanning: the best system for the application of self-tanning. Requires only 6 minutes of application to get a tan that is intense and natural looking.

The technology Microcore is used with a patented electrostatic, which attracts the solution is atomized directly into the body evenly.

4 nozzles auto-cleaners for complete coverage and uniform without hardly any excess product. The app is perfect: it requires less solution and leave the cabin cleaner. The open design of the cabin enhances the quality of the session... nothing of claustrophobia, only the pleasure of a nice tan.

The Autospray is easy to use a completely automatic: a voice guides the customer through the session, from the selection of the level of tanning, going through the session of spray, and ending with a session of drying.

Technical features:

Voltage: 230V Frequency: 50Hz Power: 1.500 W Tank air: 50 liters liquid Reservoir: 27.5 liters

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