The new megaSun Space 3000 combines perfectly: 52 tubes-longlife, ventilation system invisible, integrated, and vibration platform


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Megasun Tower Space 3000


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Tan with a feeling inside...on the inside of the NEW megaSun Space 3000 there is also something special:

Design and performance inside and out!!

Listen to that inner voice and enjoy the fascinating design of The fronts lacquered in white high gloss reinforce the lighting showing some effects of light fascinating.

The perfect combination: 52 tubes-longlife (800 hours) that provide a tan, attractive and uniform, a ventilation system, invisible and integrated to get a tan without noise, fitness exercises custom during the process of tanning thanks to its vibrating plate vibraNano (optional) megaSun Espace 3000:

A masterpiece of technological design!

Data sheet

Quality Certificates CE
Business relationship Official seller
Climate control air Tecnología inteligente de ventilación
Consumption in Kw 10.5 Kw
Dimensions 1405mm x 1968-1410mm x 2190mm
Delivery time: Upon request 15-30 days
Equipment type Professional solarium
Manufacturer KBL
Warranty 2 years
Nationality manufacturer European Union - Germany
Brand Megasun
Brand Solarium Megasun
Power tubes 180W
Control system Optional
Total Body Lamps 50
Transport and assembly Not included
Voltage 380V



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