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Megasun Optima Delux - Megasun - Megasun

Optima provides moisture to the areas of particularly sensitive skin of the face and the neckline.


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Megasun Optima Delux


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Enjoy the best the sun has to offer ... with a clear conscience - Megasun Optima deluxe!

Do not make concessions when it comes to performance, and still be able to enjoy the beauty and health benefits.

With a total of 38 UV lamps of the new Optima ensures optimal results of a tan from head to toe.

It also provides moisture to the areas of particularly sensitive skin of the face and neck through the light of collagen with the innovative technology and Rubin Collagen Booster.

As an optional feature, an additional support leg is available for the area of the lower leg.

Optima also offers the perfect solution for users concerned about the health - the latest generation of lamps of vitamin D, p2 to provide the optimal conditions for the formation of vitamin D. Optima - consistently developed for the needs of today 's.

THE BOOSTERS OF COLLAGEN RUBIN Seventy powerful Rubin Boosters collagen placed over the face and the neck act as a real boost of freshness.

The Boosters of collagen Rubin increase the moisture of the skin in especially sensitive areas of the skin, which seems to be revitalized, clear and relaxed.

Through the activation of the metabolism of the skin is detoxified and the complexion is improved considerably.

The light stimulates the formation of collagen in the body's natural collagen, the elasticity of the skin is recovered and the aging of the skin is reduced.

Lines and wrinkles are filled in again and the contours are tightened considerably.

For the prevention of pimples dry, the Optima is optionally available with 20 additional reinforcements of collagen Rubin in the area of the lower leg.

THE P2 VITAMIN D LAMPS The latest generation of lamps of vitamin D, p2 in the pavilion of the solarium provide an extra portion of vitamin D.

Up to 90% of the "sunshine vitamin" essential form through the skin during the tanning.

The share of UV-B is particularly high the tubes p2 activates the body's natural vitamin D 3 production in a large extent and is beneficial to the health.

An optimal level of vitamin D has preventive effects in many areas of our body. For example, vitamin D has a positive influence on more than 20 different types of cancer.

The immune system is strengthened in regards to allergies, illnesses, gastric and lung, as well as the circulation system, especially in regard to the reduction of the blood pressure, diabetes, and the risk of heart attack.

Osteoporosis is prevented and positive results were also observed in patients with multiple sclerosis.


Data sheet

Quality CertificatesCE
Business relationshipOfficial seller
Climate control airOptional
Consumption in Kw7 Kw / 8,3 Kw
Dimensions1800mm x 2330mm x 1440mm
Delivery time:Upon request 15-30 days
Equipment typeProfessional solarium
Warranty2 years
Nationality manufacturerEuropean Union - Germany
Brand SolariumMegasun
MusicMp3 + MusicVibration Opcional
Power Tubes Base120W
Power tubes top180W
Spraying of waterOpcional
Control systemOptional
Transport and assemblyNot included
Lamps bottom16 x 120 W
Lamps top22 x 180 W



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