The new Solarium MegaSun 4800 Super combines an elegant line, great comfort and an excellent result.


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Megasun 4800 Super


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The new megaSun 4800 combines an elegant line with a great comfort. The exclusive design of all solariums megaSun combines on-the megaSun 4800 with an additional comfort.

The ergonomic shape of the platform, with headrest integrated, improving the comfort during the tanning. His eyes bright complement its aesthetic impact that distinguishes the new megaSun 4800.

Data sheet

Quality Certificates CE
Business relationship Official seller
Aromatherapy Optional
Climate control air Optional
Consumption in Kw 6,4 Kw / 7,7 Kw
Dimensions 1710 mm - 1.370 mm x 2330 mm x 1440 mm
Delivery time: Sobre pedido 15 - 30 dias
Equipment type Solarium horizontal profesional
Manufacturer KBL
Warranty 2 years
Voice guide Optional
Nationality manufacturer European Union - Germany
Brand Megasun
Brand Solarium Megasun
Music Optional
Power Tubes Base 120W
Power tubes top 100W
Spraying of water Opcional
Control system Optional
Total Body Lamps 36
Transport and assembly Not included
Lamps bottom 14 x 120W
Lamps top 22 x 100W
Voltage 380V


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