Mask FFP2 KN95

We present in exclusive for our clients of the protective mask EPI

Masks FFP2 Without Valve with filtraciónpreparadas to protect us from pathogens, aerosols (liquid and solid).

  • With an efficiency of filter equal to or greater than 95%.
  • With European certificate CE (EU 149:2001+AI:2009)
  • Anti-fog
  • Anti-fog
  • Anti-particles
  • Anti virus
  • Anti bacteria

Mask is prepared to protect us against pathogens such as bacteria or viruses, aerosols, and liquids that are not toxic, as the oil mist.

Thanks to the Mask, FFP2 - KN95 will protect you from biological agents, pathogens (bacteria, viruses, fungi, ...) without losing the convenience. This mask has a filtration efficiency minimum >95% (BFE). It is manufactured with polypropylene.

With this mask you'll be able to follow the health recommendations Spanish use of masks during the alarm state.

Certificate: CE: FFP2 (EU 149:2001+AI:2009)
Complies with Requirements KN95 (GB 2626-2006)
FDA approval (USA)
BFE >95% (filtration Efficiency bacterial)
PFE >95% (Efficiency of filtration of particles)

Who is indicated?

Is indicated for all kinds of people over 3 years. It has a noseband made of aluminum and some elastic bands for ears that will ensure a total adjustment.

How do I apply?

Wash your hands or use gloves to put the mask on. Fasten the mask on the face, so that the bottom fits under the chin and the noseband on the nose. Stretch the hook for the ears and separates the hook from the ear to place on them. Check the correct fit of the mask on the face. During use do not touch the front surface of the mask.
In this model of mask the noseband is optional. With the mask is a clip of aluminum adhesive for use if necessary.

Each mask is protected with a individual bag for a sale more hygienic and safe.

Each individual bag has its barcode and reference to facilitate your sale.


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Mask FFP2 KN95



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Quality Certificates CE, EU 149:2001+AI:2009, FFP2, KN95
Business relationship Official seller
Brand Pollié

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