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Bronzer natural face and blend BioBronze™


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Honey Face Facts

Swedish Beauty

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Bronzer natural face and blend BioBronze™

Passed a very strict test of 6 weeks during which the product is tested in all types of skin to ensure your safety even on the most sensitive skins
Blend BioBronze™
Natural stimulants of melanin, preparing the skin for a dark color
The natural power of honey helps keep the skin soft and nourished and protects against environmental factors harmful
Calms and heals irritated skin, giving it a radiant glow to the skin
Mix tanning EcoTrio™
Vitamins A and E with aloe helps protect against the signs of aging
Base tanning:
For a dark-colored long-term

This product, which is part of the Botanical line, it is hypoallergenic, so it goes well even for the most sensitive skins.

*Contains No fragrance, so both men and women can use it without any kind of hesitation.
*The natural power of honey helps to smooth and nourish the skin and protect it against the harsh environmental elements.
*The oat extract soothes and heals the irritated skin, leaving it glowing.
*As with all products in the Botanical line, the mixture suntan Eco-trio provides vitamins A and E, plus Aloe, to help protect the skin against future signs of aging.
*With HONEY FACE FACTS you can have a face brown and shining, whilst looking after the health of your skin!

BOTANICA - products 95% natural and free of paraben


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