Sophisticated blend of ingredients for skin care that combine the power of DHA and an excellent hydration


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Higher DHA bronzer - Australian Gold

Australian Gold


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Higher DHA Bronzer! Experience exceptional results with this high-performance prestige DHA Luxe bronzer. A sophisticated blend of ingredients Superior skin care ™ combine the power of DHA providing the deepest, darkest color and an excellent hydration. Exclusive complex liposomal Illuminator blends luxury and technology in joint replacement and the maintenance of the humidity levels to help protect against dryness and keep skin soft, smooth, real. Timeless Elixir of Youth inspired by the clarity and luminosity that is similar to the diamond for a brighter, more youthful, while SatinTouch ™ Blend softens and moisturizes the skin for an adjustment to the rights. Luxury and pamper yourself with the glow of bronze amazing Top ™ perfection.

Prestigious DHA Luxe Bronzer: blend of premium skin care high-end and DHA work together synergistically to provide hydration and deep, dark color developed liposomal Illuminating Complex: combination, a tributary of the cell, and C and pure for the hydration and elasticity

Timeless youth Elixir unprecedented: magnificent anti-aging ingredients help to increase skin tone and luminosity to a mixture more youthful

SatinTouch ™: the breakthrough mixture of emulsions of silicone provides a feeling of luxury and the hydration extreme of a bronze perfect silky, smooth

Dual TanFresh Blend ™: Eliminates after-tan odor using a combination of the strong odor of inhibitorsShow off with this fragrance pretentious plum

Data sheet

Application Topical application
Fragance Pretentious Plum
Fragance - Scent Pretentious Plum
Amount of product 250ml
Format Bottle
Nationality manufacturer USA
Brand Australian Gold
Ref.Fab A40182
Type of cosmetic DHA Bronzer