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Hapro Topaz 10/1 Solarium home - Home Tanning - Hapro


Hapro Topaz 10/1V
Siénte beautiful, feel good about yourself

A large solarium and full-body.

The solariums of the full body for a tan in your own bed or sofa. Contains 10 tubes Maxlight and a bronzer facial incorporated to ensure a result of tan optimal and uniform. Can be stored in a vertical position and out of sight.

You experience great results from tanning.

  • A high performance Facial with powerful lamp of 400 watts.
  • 10 tubes for a tan cash

Space-saving storage

  • Vertical storage folding to save space
  • 4 wheels for ease of transportation and storage.
  • Tan nice
  • Tan comfortable of 1 face while you lie on your bed / sofa • height Adjustment easy to adjust your distance from tan
  • Body and lamp cooling with 2 fans silent.
  • Timer electromechanical to set up your time tanning preferred
  • Tan insurance
  • Acrylic sheets to protect your body from contact with the lamp.
  • Automatic shut off after 30 mins with double safety function
  • 2 pairs of protective goggles for the eyes

Versatile and comfortable...Bronceate in your house!!!

The basic model that we recommend for private homes or centers aesthetic with very little space available. This solarium Topaz V 10/1 is characterized by flexibility due to its system of vertical tilt. This gives you, as a user the enjoyment of a warm and effective tanning in her favorite position: lying down, sitting or even in a vertical position. After your session of tanning is very easy to tilt the unit to the position of saving space.

  • The bronzer facial PowerTan comes with a lamp HPA 400 watts for an excellent tanning facial.
  • You can fold it up and store in a vertical position to save space when not in use. Also you can easily store out of sight, without taking up an entire room in your home.

Acrylic sheets for protection of the body.

The acrylic sheets to protect your body from contact with the lamps in the unlikely event that the session is to tip over. The acrylic makes it impossible for your body to come into direct contact with the lamps.

Auto-off with double safety function.

The tanning bed will automatically turn off after 30 minutes to avoid having to burn too much (for example, when you fall asleep while tanning). The double safety feature ensures that the sunbed also shuts down if it fails the timer.

2 pairs of protective goggles for the eyes

Includes two pairs of protective eyewear to protect your eyes from the UV light.

Body and lamp cooling with 2 fans silent.

Cooling combined the lamps with 2 fans silent.

The timer electromechanical allows you to set the duration of your session of tanning to suit your preferences.


  • Timer analog
  • Reclining in different positions
  • Booster facial-intensive

Technical features:

  • Brand Name: Hapro
  • Color: Picture
  • No. of tubes: 6x100w + 4x80W
  • Bronzer-facial: YES - 1x400W
  • Air-conditioning: no
  • Power: 1,42 kw
  • Dimensions: 187x87
  • Single-phase current 230V
  • 43,5 kg

Available in our showroom in Valencia, come to know it.


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Hapro Topaz 10/1 Solarium home

Delibery: 24/48h

Data sheet

Quality CertificatesCE, DEKRA KEMA-KEUR
Business relationshipOfficial seller
Consumption in Kw1,42 Kw
Dimensions187 x 87 cm
Delivery time:3-5 days
ShippingFree Shipping
Equipment typeDomestic solarium
Warranty2 years
Facial Lamps1 x 400W
Nationality manufacturerEuropean Union - Netherlands
Brand SolariumHapro
MusicNot available
Control systemNot compatible
Total Body Lamps8x100W + 4x80W
Lamps top10
RefrigerationNot available


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