Hapro Seecret 205T

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Hapro Seecret C180

Hapro Seecret 205T is your choice if you want to feel comfortable and improve your skin from within without having too much space at home. Keep your skin young, healthy and radiant. Thanks to its modern system of positioning, you'll be able to replace the Hapro Seecret 205T in the bed or the sofa comfortably


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Hapro Seecret 205T


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Rejuvenation professional skin easy at home!

With the Hapro Seecret 205T, you can rejuvenate your skin in your house such as a professional treatment without having an appointment for a expensive treatment at a medical center-aesthetic, whenever you want. Easily automatically adjusts to the schedule: you decide when and where to perform a session of 12 minutes of peace and tranquility and rejuvenate your skin while you as you would in a professional studio. this treatment is recommended by dermatologists.

Duration of treatment

Treatment Level 1 : Revitilization and Protection 3-4 weeks. The skin will be covered of energy and light within a wavelength of 633 nm. The metabolism will be activated, the skin is detoxified, the skin's structure will improve and it will be protected from perturbations of the environment. Especially in this type of treatment, the wellness of the skin increases significantly, and your appearance improves. Duration of therapy per session: initial Dose: 10 minutes. Increase: 15-20 minutes

Treatment Level 2: Repair, regeneration, and cleaning 5-7 weeks . The process of curing the inflamed skin and impure accelerates. The skin looks more fresh, healthy and clean. Patients notice an improvement in the wetting of the skin as well as a pleasant feeling of relaxation throughout the body. Duration of therapy per session: 20 minutes

Treatment Level 30: Toning and Firming 8-10 weeks, The structure of collagen of the skin will be toned so that immediately the skin is reaffirmed. As a requirement to remove the cellulite in necessary for the skin to recover firmness and elasticity. Also, the lines and wrinkles, especially those of the face, are going to be stylish and as a consequence the signs of aging will diminish. Duration of therapy per session: 20 minutes


  • Stimulates the synthesis of collagen of the skin
  • Revitalizes and rejuvenates the skin in general
  • Fills the moisture depots of the skin
  • Reduces wrinkles on the face and the neckline
  • Improves skin firmness, elasticity and smoothness
  • Improving wellbeing has a relaxing effect
  • Promotes the look fresh and youthful
  • It does not have side effects
  • Visible and tactile anti-aging effect of the skin


What happens during application?

The Hapro Seecret emits waves of red light in a wavelength range effective specific. Studies have shown that the production of the body's own collagen can be stimulated with this light of specific wavelength. The treatment activates the skin's metabolism, leading to an activation of the synthesis of collagen in the skin. The aging of the skin is stimulated by the re-production of collagen in the skin providing firmness and elastin. The resistance of the skin and the elasticity of the increase of connective tissue.

The Hapro Seecret 205T

Looking for a wonderful feeling of space combined with the comfort individual? Then, select the Hapro Seecret 205T. While lying on the surface of your choice, the spectrum of light specially designed active the process of improvement of the skin. The shape of the deck creates the best environment to help keep the skin healthy, young and beautiful. The accent lamps provide a special care for the face, shoulders and neckline.

Thanks to the system of double gas lift built-in, the canopy can be placed at the ideal distance from your body. The Hapro Seecret ® C180 in Pearl White has a fan body, time indicator and built-in timer. The digital display is ergonomic and intuitive. At the end of the session once more to return the canopy to the position of rest of space-saving. Then, everything is ready for your next relaxing Seecret treatment light ® always that you are.

The additional lights of collagen accent, which amplify the effect visible rejuvenation of the skin in the area of the head and the hands, are unique. The areas of the face and neck sensitive are more toned, small lines disappear, the contours and deep wrinkles all over the body are reduced selectively.

- Digital Display, intuitive and ergonomic.
- Mechanical timer.
- Carry handle for easy transportation. Picks up the product easily with the carrying handle for transport.
- Automatic shut off - 60 minutes. Automatically shuts off after 60 minutes, for your safety. This way you'll avoid excessive exposure (for example, if you fall asleep during the session).
- 14 lamparás collagen of 100W each.
- Additional reinforcement in the face.
- And all with the maximum guarantee and security Hapro, european manufacturer leader in solariums and domestic professionals.




Data sheet

Delivery:10-15 days
Equipment typeStimulator of collagen and elastin
MusicNot available
Power tubes top100w
Control systemNo compatible
Total Body Lamps14
Transport and assemblyNo incluido
VentilacionIncluding serial




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