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Hapro Proline 28/1c
The power of simplicity

Would you like to get a suntan even a step above in the segments of units of a tan?
Hapro Proline is a tanning bed full and professional, which is also used in beauty salons, physiotherapists and wellness centers. However, this impressive unit tanning works without extra power since that works on 220V. Therefore, it will work in a domestic situation also. Available in three colours: Lounge Red Metallic Titanium Bronze Metallic and Pearl White.

The solarium Proline 28/1c is a device conceived for an intensive use. Perfectly suited to tanning salons or beauty institutes. You have the possibility to connect an external control system, to schedule the session time.

The reflection of the UV light is optimized thanks to the Strip Reflector System (SRS), located behind the tubes and reflecting all the UV to the body. The solarium Hapro Proline 28/1 is equipped with : 1 high pressure facial booster for the face, Commands with digital display. Ventilation body. Ventilation internal powerful. A plexiglas reinforced.

The solarium ProLine 28/1 is equipped with an internal memory allowing: Posting the hours of operation of the tubes, Totalise operating hours of the solarium. Stopwatch safety: In case of malfunction of the stopwatch main, a second internal clock cut power to the solarium after 30 minutes of operation.

Thanks to our solarium Hapro Proline 28/1 will finally have a dazzling color throughout the year. Our solariums are manufactured with components of first quality. The 24 lamps of 100 W and 4 lamps of 80 W and its powerful lamp facial, guarantee them a tan uniform and optimal.

Hapro Proline 28/1 is a sun deck of last generation, with 28 lamps tanning body. The Proline 28/1 adapts perfectly to any interior, with its high-gloss finish and elegant combination of colors, this sun bed will surely complement any room.

Well-being visual in addition to the well-being for your body. The solarium opens easily, requires little effort, the bottom portion provides a comfortable surface and the 28 tanning lamps in combination with the fine finishing ensure you an experience of tanning nice and relaxing

The pleasure in life and enjoy relaxed often go hand-in-hand with special experiences: quiet moments in an inspiring environment full of beauty and quality.

When you choose the Hapro Proline you're a true professional. Offers a selection of special features that make the tan more intense and relaxing at the same time.

Features a fan body and the digital display is ergonomic and easy to use. A time indicator produces a discreet beep to indicate when the session of tanning is going to end. The built-in timer allows you to verify how many hours it has been in use a solarium and when maintenance needs to be performed, whenever you want.

As a standard feature, the solarium Proline have lamps and extra-long 1.90 metres, an integrated system for the reflector-of-band (SRS). In addition to a special lamp of high pressure for the face that produces an accent of tan additional and can be switched on or off at any time.

Provides an experience of total tan (tanning both sides of your body) in your luxurious cabin, with spectacular results. Allows you to have the body perfectly cool during the session thanks to the fan that incorporates. The SRS system ensures the efficient use of the UV rays.

European manufacturing, the quality of this solarium is a security guarantee for a tan, safe and progressive. Our solarium is supplied with a manual of use that allows to know the duration of exposure recommended in function of the types of skin.


  • Lamp facial 400 W of pigmentation as direct. In addition, the lamps release infrared heat to stimulate blood circulation, improving the quality of the tan.
  • Modern box digital control, to regulate the time, the power of the bronzer and facial ventilation.
  • 28 tanning lamps face and body
  • Ventilation including
  • Connection to external timer (timer not included)
  • A plexiglas reinforced for heavy use.
  • Will also receive with your deck a pair of goggles.
  • Valid for commercial use

Technical Data

  • Model: Hapro Proline 28/1C
  • Top: 10x100WL + 4x 80W
  • Bottom: 14x100W
  • SRS
  • 1x400W
  • Color White
  • 230V/1N~/PE/50Hz
  • 3,30 kW
  • 1 x 16A
  • 120 kg

Available in our showroom in Valencia, come to know it.


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Hapro Proline 28/1 C White Pearl - Solarium horizontal


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Data sheet

Business relationship Official seller
Quality Certificates CE, DEKRA KEMA-KEUR
Aromatherapy Not available
Climate control air No
Color White
Delivery time: 3-5 days
Shipping Free shipping, installation not included
Equipment type Professional solarium
Manufacturer Hapro
Warranty 2 years
Voice guide No
Facial Lamps 1 x 400W
Nationality manufacturer European Union - Netherlands
Brand Hapro
Brand Solarium Hapro
Music Not available
Power Tubes Base 100W
Power tubes top 10x100W 4x80W
Spraying of water No
Control system Optional
Total Body Lamps 28
Lamps bottom 14
Lamps top 14
Refrigeration Including serial
Voltage 220V



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