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Hapro Luxura X5, in addition to a functioning fantastic design and a breaker, can be equipped with various comfort functions optional.


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Hapro Luxura X5 34 SLI Intensive


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Hapro Luxura X5, the modest and strong little sister of the X7, it will fulfill these requirements perfectly. The 34 tubes and the extensive list of optional features with which you can equip the X5 you will be surprised to see the price so competitive. In addition to the DecoLight, it has two speakers in the area of the fan to the face and with a nice screen of information. Timer with LCD screen is included in the standard equipment of this machine to generate profit.” If desired, the X5 can be improved with various comfort functions optional, such as SoundAround and MyMP3, Xsens, Climax and ContourPlus.


Data sheet

Quality Certificates CE, DEKRA KEMA-KEUR
Business relationship Official seller
Product quality Professional
Climate control air Optional
Dimensions 2300x1360x1300
Delivery time: Upon request, consult delivery time
Equipment type Professional solarium
Manufacturer Hapro
Warranty 2 years
Facial Lamps 3x400w
Nationality manufacturer European Union - Netherlands
Brand Solarium Luxura
Music Optional
Power Tubes Base 120W
Power tubes top 160W
Control system Optional
Total Body Lamps 34
Transport and assembly Not included
Lamps bottom 16
Lamps top 18
Voltage 380V



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