The fabulous design and the spacious interior of the V10, they are an excellent proof of the quality of this device tan vertical.


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Hapro Luxura V10 50 XL high intensive


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The unit of tan vertical Hapro Luxura V10 is available in the colors red “Royal Red” and white is “Pearl White”, in models, Passion, Romance, or Cool.
Quality down to the smallest detail, the fabulous design and the spacious interior of the V10 are an excellent test of the quality of this device tan vertical. This quality is observed in functions such as no less than four innovative sprayers, which emit a delicious mist of refreshing water. In addition, in this vertical version, the exclusive ventilation system ensures a uniformly cooled throughout the entire body.The two doors are stunning, although can be easily opened and at the same time, with an angle of rotation small: ideal for all type of client and every type of space. In addition to all the features of comfort standard, you can choose from a varied selection of optional extras to offer their customers the best result with the tanning.The impressive ground-up stood up to the devotee of the sun higher or lower in the ideal position to achieve the optimal effect of a tan.

Data sheet

Business relationship Official seller
Quality Certificates CE, DEKRA KEMA-KEUR
Climate control air No
Consumption in Kw 11.5kw
Dimensions 161x136x235
Delivery time: Upon request 15-30 days
Equipment type Professional solarium
Manufacturer Hapro
Warranty 2 years
Nationality manufacturer European Union - Netherlands
Brand Luxura
Brand Solarium Luxura
Music Optional
Power tubes 180W
Control system Optional
Total Body Lamps 50
Transport and assembly Not included
Voltage 380V



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