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Collagen & Sun 28V Intensive
Tanning and collagen-in-one

Hapro Collagen Sun offers skin care and tanning at the same time. The tanning technology more innovative, also known as a ‘hybrid tanning’
is now available for the sector of the tan private. This device of a tan has lamps Collatan®, a technology advanced light in the treatment of skin care red light is combined with the ultraviolet light. The Hapro Collagen Sun is more than just a solarium. The benefits of red light and UV combined in one ideal combination for the beauty and well-being.

Protection of the skin

The red light stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, increasing the elasticity and flexibility of the skin and strengthening the skin. The process of tanning is accelerated because the red light enters deep into the skin. This stimulates blood circulation and intensifies the process of tanning, which leads to excellent results of tanning without the need of a higher dose of UV light.

The solarium Collagen&Sun 28V Intensive, thanks to their lamps twist of stimulation of collagen and tanning, is a dispositico of tan 2-in-1. Perfect for all these people that have one thing in common: care for your body and for your health.
Is perfectly suited to tanning salons or beauty institutes.

The reflection of UV light is optimized thanks to the Strip Reflector System (SRS), located behind the tubes and reflecting all the light towards the body.

The solarium Hapro Proline 28 V is equipped with:

  • Professional commands with digital display
  • Ventilation body
  • Timer internal programmable
  • Connection to timer external
  • Special lamps for sun tanning and collagen stimulation and elastin
  • Internal memory allowing: Posting the hours of operation of the tubes, which allows to totalise operating hours of the solarium.

In the case of malfunction of the stopwatch main, a second internal clock cut power to the solarium after 30 minutes of operation.

  • Accessibility simple to the tubes for easy maintenance. Possibility of connecting this solarium to a timer by remote.
  • Connection to a simple socket 230V/16A. According to the CE Standard.

Thanks to our solarium Collagen&Sun 28V Intensive will finally have a dazzling color throughout the year.

Our solariums are manufactured with components of first quality. The 28 lamps of 160W guarantee them a tan uniform and optimal. European manufacturing, the quality of this solarium is a security guarantee for a tan, safe and progressive. Our solarium is supplied with a manual of use.

Allows to know the exposure durations recommended in function of the types of skin.
Will also receive with your deck a pair of goggles.

Available in our showroom in Valencia, come to know it.


  • Modern box digital control, to regulate the time, the power of the bronzer and facial ventilation.
  • 28 lamps and Extra-long tanning face and body
  • Ventilation including
  • Connection to external timer (timer not included)
  • Will also receive with your deck a pair of goggles.
  • Valid for commercial use
  • Exhaust ventilation is available (optional)
  • Speakers available (optional)
  • Lamps for collagen stimulation + tan

Technical Data

  • Model: Hapro Proline 28 V Intensive Collagen & Sun
  • Tubes: 28x160WL
  • SRS
  • 230V/1N~/PE/50Hz
  • 4.3 kW
  • 1 x 25A + 2 x 16A
  • 160 kg

Available in our showroom in Valencia, come to know it.


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Hapro Collagen & Sun 28V Intensive - Solarium vertical


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Delibery: 24/48h

Data sheet

Business relationshipOfficial seller
Quality CertificatesCE, DEKRA KEMA-KEUR
Climate control airNo
Delivery time:10-15 days
ShippingFree shipping, installation not included
Equipment typeProfessional solarium
Warranty2 years
Nationality manufacturerEuropean Union - Netherlands
Brand SolariumHapro
Power tubes160W
Spraying of waterNo
Control systemOptional
Transport and assemblyNot included
RefrigerationIncluding serial


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