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Sauna MPulse CONQUER Tilo

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The mPulse series are the only infrared saunas on the market that cover the entire infrared wave spectrum: near (NIR), medium (MIR) and far (FIR ) generating endless health benefits. MPulse CONQUER cabin for 3 people.

The first smart sauna on the market
The sunlighten mPulse series is also the first smart sauna: with a single click on the 7" touch screen, you can choose between 6 pre-configured programs, each one with its particular health objective:


11 Full Spectrum Solocarbon® Warmers

Clinically Supported Near, Mid and Far Infrared Health Benefits

6 preset health programs to focus on health goals

Near-infrared light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to rejuvenate skin and promote cellular health

LCD/DVD control with quick start mode and programming

Customizable warmers for changing health needs

Online wellness program to track progress

Intelligent wireless technology with automatic diagnosis

Certified ecological wood of the highest quality

Magne-Seal™ simple assembly process

Removable ergonomic benches with SO Sound option

Infrared Emitting Charcoal Heater Bamboo Covers

Fully adjustable lighting with chromotherapy option

Things to highlight:
In a traditional Finnish sauna or a standard infrared sauna (FIR only), sweating consists of 3% toxins and 97% water. Thanks to the mixture of near, medium and far waves of the SUNLIGHTEN mPulse series, however, the percentage of toxins expelled through sweating reaches 20%, thus offering a deeper and more effective detoxification.

The mPulse sauna is also an excellent ally for those who want to lose weight: during a 30-minute session, depending on the program chosen, they burn between 300 and 600 calories. Knowing that in half an hour of cycling 125 calories are lost or that half an hour of swimming is equivalent to 250 calories, they will already realize the importance of this fact.

Configure your customized program
If the customer is still not satisfied with the available options, He also has the possibility of configuring his own program by choosing the wave mix that he believes is most beneficial for the problem he wants to treat. You can configure the IR emitters that are located on the rear, side and front walls as well as the foot warmer on the floor.

follow your progress
mPulse saunas also allow rigorous monitoring of the physical evolution of the user. Through some optional accessories, it is possible to do extensive Biofeedback, measuring heart rate and flow, calculating calories lost, etc.

The data obtained can be sent wirelessly to a personalized web page, where the user can track their sessions and progress, contact other users to exchange experiences, follow fitness programs through instructional videos, receive free Tips to improve your results...

easy to assemble
mPulse saunas are easily assembled thanks to the MagnetSeal system with magnets that allow the panels to be assembled with a single click. You don't have to wonder about the electrical connection either: the sauna is connected via an ordinary 220V plug and that's it. Don't spend more than a hair dryer! All models are available in antibacterial lime or warm cedar, wood obtained through sustainable farming projects. While you take care of your health, you also take care of nature.

Optional SO Round +550€
Chromotherapy: +€165

Outside: 179 x 121 x 195 cm

Inside: 164 x 106 x 182 cm

Technical aspect:

11 heaters = 32021 cm2

Electrical: 240V 20A NEMA 6-20R, 6-20P, Dedicated 120V 20A outlet and circuit required.

Shipping and assembly not included

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Delivery time:Upon request 15-30 days
Equipment typeSauna