Skin care sophisticated that protects and prevents damage to the skin for a glow unforgettable while it protects your tattoos


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G. Gentlemen Limited Edition Intensifier 15ml

Australian Gold


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G. Gentlemen Limited Edition Intensifier!! Perfectly suitable for all the knights, this intensifier influential have each one drawn to its striking golden hue and smooth skin well dressed. Skin care, sophisticated protects and prevents damage to the skin for a glow unforgettable while the technology tattoo ColorGuard ™ moisturizes deeply giving vitality and tattoos, helps to prevent discoloration. A mixture of oils skin conditions-resistant and retains moisture for the softer skin that draws attention. Therefore, grab your jacket-of-suit-and-tie favorite because to be a true man of G never goes out of fashion.

Hydrating coconut water: concentrated amount of coconut fruit Juice regenerates, revitalizes and softens for the health of the color, dark
Intensifier influential: Tyrosine powerful and a proprietary blend of pigments to give a tint of golden bronze natural finish with smooth, soft
Skin care sophisticated: Pomegranate Extract powerful help to protect the skin against free radicals for a youthful glow, refined
ColorGuard ™ Tattoo Technology: The "Magic herb", Tiger grass, is a mixture of a moisture-seal that helps prevent tattoos from the decoloraciónConducir the ladies crazy with this fragrance rough

Data sheet

Fragance Rugged
Fragance - Scent Rugged
Amount of product 15ml
Format On a single dose
Nationality manufacturer USA
Brand Australian Gold
Ref.Fab A10447
Type of cosmetic Intensifier