Equipment Pressotherapy

Pressotherapy is a pneumatic compression system, specially designed for the effective treatment of various disorders of the lymphatic and circulatory system. Combine our pressotherapy equipment with other treatments such as cavitation or radiofrequency, to achieve exceptional results.

If you decide to buy a pressotherapy machine you will be betting on the improvement of the quality of life of your patients and clients, since a pressotherapy team significantly improves circulatory irrigation in the extremities. And it contributes to lymphatic drainage.

Our professional pressotherapy teams have been selected for their high performance and effectiveness. In our catalog you will find multifunctional equipment that helps in the task of liquid elimination, it is the case of our 3-in-1 pressotherapy equipment that thanks to the nearby infrared, the treatments are considerably shortened, offering fast results, these equipment also include the function of passive gymnastics (EMS) or electrostimulation, helping in the arduous task of eliminating lipids and liquids, in addition EMS gives tone to the muscles getting a tightening of the skin and stimulating circulation.

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