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CRYO Penguin

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CRYO Penguin allows you to offer more services at a lower cost per square foot.
With the pinpoint precision and power to handle everything from body appearance to post-sports relaxation, it's the most flexible cryotherapy machine on the market.

CRYO Penguin projects cold air for therapeutic and healing purposes. The action of low temperatures has analgesic, anti-inflammatory, circulatory and regenerative benefits.

Benefits of the localized cryotherapy machine:
-Advanced functions such as distance control and skin temperature sensors.
-Intelligent design with pre-programmed protocols for particular parts of the body.
-Lower nitrogen consumption for a higher return on investment.
-Compact size, lightweight and portable.


  • Smart touch screen interface.
  • Ergonomic handle mouthpiece equipped with quick access buttons to easily manage treatment in real time.
  • Sensors that automatically measure skin temperature guaranteeing safety.
  • Indication marking provided between the mouthpiece and the user's skin adhering to ease of use.
  • Precise orientation of the treatment area.
  • Mobile nitrogen container.
  • Auxiliary arm with hood that supports the cryogenic hose for greater ease and comfort.
  • Universal power supply for 110 and 230 V, 50/60 Hz.

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