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Virtual Mesotherapy consists of the sterile active ingredients being transported through the dermis thanks to the change in polarity of the cell membrane that induces the application of the electrode.

Virtual mesotherapy replaces the needle with different non-invasive transdermal delivery systems: electroporation, iontophoresis, ultrasound, thermotherapy, vacuum therapy, galvanic and continuous currents, radiofrequency, etc. Virtual mesotherapy allows the transdermal conduction (through the skin) of the same pure and sterile active ingredients that are used in traditional mesotherapy and does so in a non-invasive way (without using needles).

The application of transdermal delivery systems to the skin causes the micropores of the cell membranes to temporarily open, allowing the active ingredients to pass through the epidermis and be directly absorbed by the body. They are safe and innocuous techniques for the skin that allow any type of substance to be transported. Thanks to virtual mesotherapy, today's patients can enjoy safe, painless treatments, without side effects and with immediate results.

Results: Regenerates tissues. Combat facial or body flaccidity. Attenuates expression marks and small wrinkles.

Applications: Facial and Body: Favors the penetration of active ingredients. Attenuation of expression marks. Reduction of fatty accumulations. Hydration and deep regeneration of the skin. Cellulite attenuation recovering elasticity and shine. Reaffirmation of the skin fighting flaccidity. Activation of blood circulation.

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