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cavislim advance cavitation with double handle and continuous and pulsed mode

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Description: Cavislim Advance is a high-tech device that allows us to selectively and efficiently eliminate accumulations of localized fat (cellulite, orange peel) from our body.

DUAL ACTION. Continuous and pulsed emission. Cavitation is a technique through which it is possible to effectively and selectively shape the body. But not all people accumulate fat in the same areas and in the same proportion. DUAL ACTION technology allows you to customize the cavitation session depending on the area and the type of fat accumulation to be treated. In areas with a large accumulation of fat and a large area, it is preferable to use continuous emission, since said emission produces more heat, which significantly enhances the cavitation effect. In application areas with a small area and significant fat accumulation, the pulsed mode is preferable because, even increasing the intensity levels, the cavitatory effect is enhanced without increasing temperature. Includes 2 handpieces This model with advanced features includes 2 handpieces to perform 2 different types of treatments. The M80 handpiece, with a larger diameter, for general treatments, in all areas of the body. It has 4 programs in pulsed mode and 1 program in continuous mode, with 5 different intensity levels. Handpiece M80 Time: Programmable from 1 to 15 minutes. Intensity: Programmable in 5 intensity levels (5-10-15-20-25). Pulsed work mode: Programmable in 4 modes (P1-P2-P3-P4). Continuous work mode: Programmable in 1 mode (P5) The M38 Advance handpiece, with a smaller diameter, is specially designed to treat the most stubborn areas of fat, since its smaller surface area means the power is more concentrated and penetration of ultrasonic waves is greater. It has 10 pulse mode programs and 4 different intensity levels. It has the option of turning on a crown of leds to have greater control over the area that is being treated. M38 Handpiece Time: Programmable from 1 to 15 minutes. Intensity: Programmable in 4 intensity levels (1-2-3-4). Pulsed work mode: Programmable in 10 pulsed work modes (P1-P2-P3-P4-P5-P6-P7-P8-P9-P10). Technical specifications: Weight 7 kg. Measurements (cm) 34 length x 38 width x 13 height Ultrasound (frequency) 40 kHz Output power 5 to 25 Watts (depending on the program in use) Power supply Voltage: 220V - Frequency: 50Hz Includes: Tecnovita Cavitation Gel 500 ml. (Ref. 793-YSG01) Anti-Cellulite Serum 50 ml. (793-YSG52) Firming Action Serum 50 ml. (793-YSG51) User Manual step by step. Use DVD. Advantages and benefits: Painless. Non-invasive: Forget about dangerous surgical operations. Immediate results that can be noticed from the first session. Eliminate cellulite and orange skin. Decide the area to work (buttocks, abdomen, flanks, hips and legs) Shape your figure. Easy to use.

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