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Cavitation Professional

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Team cavitation equipped with a head and a command of foot. Ideal for non-invasive treatment of reduction of body fat stores and cellulite.

The system of cavitation is a therapy that promotes effectively the metabolism of the tissues of the body, reduces cellulite, firms the skin and improves elasticity with lasting effects. In addition, it may increase muscle flexibility and promote cell metabolism.

The manípulos cavitation emit waves with a frequency of 40 kHz. The ultrasonic waves converge on the area to try and cause repeated creation of “microbubbles”. These bubbles accumulate energy and implode separating fatty nodules, breaking the membrane of adipocytes and dissolving the fat, allowing the release of the contents of the same. These bubbles “vibrate” the fat in such a way that destroys it, transforming triglycerides into diglycerides. The fat passes from solid to liquid state. These fats are metabolized and eliminated naturally by the human body through the lymphatic system and finally through the urine. The main functions of the equipment: Dissolution of localized fat. Reduction of volume. Lymphatic drainage. Reduction of cellulite.

Advantages: the Entire process is completed without the need for surgery or anesthesia. It does not cause phenomena of irregular skin. Does not cause bleeding or swelling. Without side effects and without risk of increasing the weight back, the results are evident. The non-invasive treatment, does not affect the regular life of the client.

Input voltage:
100Vac-120Vac (optional)

Input frequency:
Working power (max): 35 W
Control mode: By foot controller
Output frequency: 40 KHz (sine wave)
Wave state: Continuous wave
Material (electrode): Stainless steel

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Business relationshipOfficial seller
Product qualityProfessional
Quality CertificatesCE
Delivery time:3-5 days
Warranty1 year
TypeAesthetic appliances


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