Daringly Black 15ml - Australian Gold - Single Serving Packs - Australian Gold

Suntan lotion of 25 bronzes that leaves a dark color from the most daring, thanks to the mix of bronzes and natural DHA


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Daringly Black 15ml - Australian Gold

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Pont your potential to tan to the test with Daringly Black™! This tanning lotion 25 bronze leaves on a dark color from the most daring, thanks to the mix of brass and natural and DHA for immediate results and a darker finish. An attractive mix of blue-black passion flower blue and black tea purifies and heals, leaving a glow incredibly juvenile. Indulge your color with the
softening of the skin Selfish Skin Softeners, which will leave the skin irresistibly soft and velvety, and that will be the envy of all. Do you dare to go to the dark side?



It is based on the popularity of the products ‘black’ of the Iínea Iconic
Extend the range of medium to low price
Follow the trend of rock, inspired by tattoos

Product type

25X bronzer boldly dark with DHA
Mix Blue & Black
Fragrance Twisted Tropical Punch: top notes of apple, green leaves, pineapple & papaya; middle notes of strawberry, jasmine and lily; base notes of almond, maderarubia & cinnamon


25x Brass attractively dark - Mixture of brass and natural DHA for intensely dark colour and a delayed development more dark that lingers for more time.
Mix Black & Blue - Mix indulgent of extract of passion flower blue and black tea to tan-nourished, long-lasting
Softening of the skin Selfish Skin Softeners - Combination of decadent silicone and aloe vera hydrates and softens the skin, leaving it silky
Hemp seed oil - Conditions and moisturizes leaving a radiant glow and youthful.

Data sheet

Fragance - Scent Twisted Tropical Punch
Fragance Twisted Tropical Punch
Product quality Professional
Application Topical application
Amount of product 15ml
Delivery time: In stock
Format On a single dose
Nationality manufacturer USA
Brand Australian Gold
Ref.Fab A10442
Type Tanning accelerators
Type of cosmetic DHA Bronzer

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