With Cosmedico Rubino improving pigmentation direct up to 50%, greater compatibility of UV, and skin skin smooth and refreshing, stimulating the collagen


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Cosmedico Rubino 100W - Tubes UVA tan





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Cosmedico RUBINO UV-Light and red in a perfect combination with collagen stimulation.

Cosmedico RUBINO has the spectrum perfectly balanced the effects of the UV light and red light for a soft skin and an intense and beautiful tan.

Its spectrum of red light increases the compatibility with the UV rays and, therefore, the factor of well-being during the application. Its spectral distribution is balanced improves the pigmentation direct up to 50%.
In general, Cosmedico RUBINO is visibly superior to a tanning lamp of collagen conventional, both in terms of intensity of tanning as compatibility of the skin and the pleasant sensation during and after application.

The results:
• Significantly improves the pigmentation directly
• Stimulation of collagen
• A process of tanning more gentle to the skin
• Tan, intense and long-lasting
• Added support UV
• Protection of cells against free radicals
• Activation of the oxygen supply to the skin
• Stimulation of the metabolism of the skin
• Skin soft and refreshing
• High factor of well-being

Data sheet

Quality Certificates CE
Manufacturer Narva
Nationality manufacturer European Union - Germany
Brand Cosmedico
Type Rubino
Lamp Hour Life 800
Watts 100W



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