Rental solariums and aesthetic equipments

What is it?

It is a rental medium and long-term equipment of solariums and aesthetic completely new, with the provision of services of the highest quality which will allow you to exchange for a fixed monthly fee, renew or expand their equipment with total freedom of choice of brand. The equipment will be fully insured, including training and technical assistance.

Aimed at business professionals who would like to make:

  • Rent of sun decks
  • Rental of laser diode
  • Rental of IPL
  • Rental of cavitation
  • Rental of radio frequency
  • Rental of pressotherapy
  • Rental of any aesthetic appliances



  • Operation without any initial outlay.
  • Without opening commission or study.
  • Not inmovilizo financial resources, which can be put to other purposes
  • Does not appear in the CIRBE, The Lease does not compute as debt and does not reduce the ability of credit.
  • The fees are 100% tax deductible
  • Do not increase the indebtedness in the balance sheets of my company, increasing the profitability of assets (ROA)
  • With an expenditure fully planned and controlled
  • A simple model, the rent does not vary during the contract
  • It does not invest in assets that soon will be obsolete, always debut NEW equipment
  • Agreement between 12 and 60 months.
  • Fees fixed for the whole period.
  • Insurance Multiriesgo with full coverage against theft, fire, flood, etc...
  • Management of the claim until its resolution. Technical assistance / Training
  • National Technical service and training in the use of computers.
  • Telephone support for queries, requests and claims.
  • To the length of the contract, allows you to incorporate new equipment, software and services.
  • Possibility of extension or Withdrawal of the equipment for renewal or termination of the contract.
  • It is envisaged the possibility of selling the equipment to the end of the contract.
  • Teams brand new brand new
  • Training, including


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