Participates in the recycling
Electrical and electronic devices are present in the greater part of our professional activities, domestic and free time. And each time, what are more. While these devices have as main objective to improve our quality of life, their waste products (WEEE), once it finishes its useful life, can become a significant environmental burden for the society, if its management is not adequate, or may generate new raw materials and generate wealth, if you opt for your recycling.
Currently each european citizen produces about 20-25 kg of WEEE per year, and in 2004, the amount recovered was of 1-2 kg of material per person.
To alleviate this situation, and with the European Union's target of collecting 4 kg of material per person by the end of 2006, has approved a new legislation that requires producers to establish and manage channels of collection and recycling of these residues, and consumers, to deliver the electrical and electronic equipment that you no longer want in the collection points established.

• What should consumers do?
Electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) are identified by a symbol showing a crossed-out wheeled bin, which indicates the separate collection of the device once it completes its useful life.

Consumers who purchase a new ESA will bear the cost of its management at the end of its useful life. This cost will this affect and be reflected in the invoice of the product.

The cost will be of€ 0,30 per tube/lamp and should be reverberated and reflected in the invoice of the product

• Where to deliver the WEEE?
The delivery of WEEE from household users will be no cost to the last owner and can be done in the collection points provided in your geographic area (collection Points, Green Points, Garbigunes, Ecoparks or similar).
Consumers have two options for delivering WEEE:

• In shops, always and when purchasing a device features, or similar features.
• In the Points Clean.
• Where to deliver the WEEE?

To see the collection Points existing in the different autonomous communities
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