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Manual tanning centers

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We have created this complete manual, based on our experience of more than 15 years in the tanning sector. Specially edited for professionals in beauty salons, hairdressers, hotels and gyms with UV tanning equipment.

A complete manual of 66 pages for tanning centers with the following subjects.

1.1 Etymological root
1.2 What is a tanning center
1.3 Who goes to a tanning center

II. operating rules

2.1 The client
2.2 The safest way to tan
2.3 Determination of skin type
2.4 Recommendations on how to sunbathe
2.5 Contraindications:
2.6 Machine operation:
2.7 Compliance with Safety Standards and Guarantees

III. Basic knowledge about UV Rays and Tanning
3.1 Radiation
3.1.1 Optical radiation
3.1.2 UV rays UVA rays UVB rays
3.2 Radiation sources in solariums
3.2.1 High Pressure
3.2.2 Low Pressure
3.2.3 Ultra Pressure
3.3 Optically active components
3.4 Positive effects of ultraviolet rays
3.5 Is there a link between the Sun and skin cancer?
3.5.1 Basal cell epithelium
3.5.2 Squamous cell epithelioma
3.5.3 Melanoma
3.5.4 Table of hours of sunshine necessary for the appearance of skin cancer

IV. The Tanning Center

4.1 The sign, facade and shop window

4.2 Cleaning and conservation. a fundamental rule
4.2.1 Conservation guidelines during working hours
4.2.2 Cleaning and conservation with the Center outside business hours
4.23 Cleaning and maintenance of machines
4.2.4 Observations to consider
4.3 Tan prices
4.4 Free sessions
4.5 Files
4.6 The Box
4.7 Other controls during the day
4.8 Working hours
4.9 Holidays
4.10 The work uniform
4.11 Tasks of the official employee
4.12 Additional employees in mid/high season

V. MARKETING (New edition)
5.1 Tanning sessions
5.2 Tan Bonuses
5.3 Limited Fees
5.4 Unlimited Rates
5.5 Internet advertising
5.6 Advertising at street level
5.7 Promotions

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