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Cavitacion medical/aesthetics. LIPOZERO G150 . 52 Programs.


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Cavitacion medical/aesthetics. LIPOZERO G150 . 48 Programs.


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Description: The ultrasonic and cavitation Globus LipoZero G150 is a line of cavitation developed for the treatment of the main pathologies aesthetic, has 52 programs and has MF Plus, Treatments for multi-frequency operation for applications in the 3 MHz, 1 Mhz, 526 KHz and 150 Khz, which allows to optimize effectively the results. The mechanism of cavitational occurs effectively only with low frequencies, lower than 600 KHz, because only in this way they manage to penetrate deep to demolish the adipose tissue. The lower the frequency, the greater the depth of the impact and action.

FEATURES: ultrasound and cavitation Lipozero G150 of Globus have emission frequencies of: - 150 KHz for Cellulite and fat a little less thick and deep. (Professional) - 526 KHz to associate the demolition adipose with the production of Noradrenaline (NorAd-526) that makes burn fat through increased metabolism. Particularly indicated for the treatment of abdominal adiposity male. - 3 MHz for beauty treatments are more superficial to the skin. MF Plus – Multifrequency Treatments: World Exclusive Globus scientific Research international have demonstrated that the application of Cavitation with for Frequency Modulation (alternation of frequencies different) produces better results, because the association of different frequencies allows to act simultaneously at various depths, and tailor treatments depending on the type of cellulite. Globus Lipozero G150 is equipped with 53 therapeutic programs for the treatment of the main pathologies and 30 programs remember: • 9 Cavitation 150 Khz , • 10 MF-Plus-Treatments tone , • 5 Mobilization Adiposity, NorAd-526 , • 2 Adiposity Male , • 8 Beauty • 8 Skin • 10 Health

CAVITACION 150 Khz Lipolysis, Lipolysis abdominal area, Cellulite, Cellulite edematosa, Cellulite fibrous, Culotte de cheval Cellulite oedematous legs Cellulite fibrosa legs, Cellulite skin “orange peel skin” MF-PLUS Lipolysis, Cellulite, Cellulite edematosa, Cellulite fibrous, Culotte de cheval, Cellulite skin “orange peel”, Fat male abdomen, Adiposity male hips, Adiposity male lower limbs, Adiposity male senior members.

MOBILIZATION ADIPOSITY NorAd-526 Lipolysis-NorAd-526 Cellulite - NorAd-526, Adiposity - NorAd-526, NorAd-526 1, NorAd-526 2. ADIPOSITY in MALE Adiposity male abdominal, Adiposity male hips.

BEAUTY Massage, Modeling, Modelling legs Drainage Drainage legs Drainage arms Stretch marks, Application of the active principles. SKIN Acne, facial Lifting, Treatment wrinkles, Scars, Couperosa, Boils, body, Boils, face, Skin restructuring.

HEALTH Sciatica, Lumbago, Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel, Neuralgia, Tendonitis, Epicondylitis, Periarthritis, Distortion, Contusion. TECHNICAL FEATURES:

* Power: 3 W/cm2 * Output: 1 - Head: 1 Ø 42 mm – IP65 * Power supply: 220V 50/60 Hz or rechargeable battery (OPTIONAL) * backlit Display * Issue: continuous and pulsed * emission Frequency: 3 MHz, 1 Mhz, 526 KHz and 150 KHz * CE Device * Standard: en 60601-1 en 60601-1-2 STANDARD CONFIGURATION * 1 Ultrasound and cavitation Lipozero G150, * 1 Manual of use and applications, * 1 Head multi Frequency (3 and 1 Mhz, 526 and 150 Hkz), * 1 external power supply, * 1 Gel * 1 carry Case

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Nationality manufacturerEuropean Union - Italy


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