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Device of cavitation for home use. Lighter and the scope of any particular. Perfect for fat loss.


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Cavitacion cavislim nova


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Cavitation is a technique that allows the removal of a selective, non-invasive and safe form of cellulite. This painless technique provides immediate results that can be observed from the first sessions.

The line of products CAVISLIM allows, thanks to its numerous programming options, the elimination of cellulite and orange peel skin of an effective and safe way, as each area and type of cellulite requires a different form of treatment.

The possibility to choose between different power levels give us results comparable with those that could get out of the hand of a session of cavitation in a cosmetic clinic.

EASY AND SAFE: The cavitation is a very simple technique of perform. It is effective and safe.

PROGRAMMABLE TIME: Each session can be programmed very intuitively with times from between 1 and 15 minutes

NON INVASIVE Cavitation is a technique of weight loss NON-Invasive. That is to say, does not require surgery or any other procedure that requires operation or punctures

5 PROGRAMS: model YS35 CAVISLIM NOVA has 5 different programs (work modes), so that you select the one that best suits your needs. Each program represents a different level of frequency of emission of the impulses.

5 LEVELS OF INTENSITY: The model YS35 CAVISLIM NOVA has 5 levels of intensity. In the manual you will find indications that will allow you to select the most appropriate level for each case (depending on the level of accumulation of fat in every zone).


• Dimensions: 59cm (length) x 19cm (width) x 42cm (high)

• Weight: 7 kg WARRANTY 2 years

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Quality CertificatesCE
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Warranty1 year


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