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Carpet decontamination bactericidal 90 x 60 cm For 30 days


Carpet decontamination bactericidal 90 x 115 cm
Mat of 30 sheets for 30 days

Carpet constituted with 30 sheets numbered of polyethylene film with an adhesive layer antibacterial. Treated with the biocide which blocks the growth of bacteria.
Active ingredient: BIOMASTER

Are easy to remove without leaving any trace of adhesive. Each mat includes 30 numbered pages of a polyethylene non-adhesive so that they can be changed every day and a strip on the edge to allow easy removal of each layer used.

Each sheet is adhesive with an adhesive water-based acrylic absolutely free of solvents.
The amount of glue, the specific formulation and the microperfil roller coating to give a degree of adhesiveness can be controlled and constant.

Therefore, it is able to retain the dust and bacteria in every step, avoiding migration of hazardous adhesive and contaminants from the foil to the plants.

The mats decontaminants have become one of the main resources to reduce the risk of cross-contamination and microbiological in any type of environment, especially when it comes to the health field.

These carpets are especially designed to be employed in any type of environment that requires the total absence of contaminating agents and the preservation of standards of hygiene are maximized. A few products that are ideal to be used in operating rooms, dressing rooms of any kind, clean rooms, areas of food handling, etc

Strong Points:

  • Thanks to its glue-bacterial capture and retain dust and bacteria.
  • Can be used in any environment that requires a total absence of contaminating agents and the preservation of high levels of hygiene.
  • Easy to remove without leaving a trace.
  • Each mat includes 30 numbered pages. The tongue exterior allows for easy removal of each layer.

Technical Features:

  • Material: polierileno
  • Measures: 90 cm x 115 cm
  • Color blue
  • Temperature òptima of use: Min 15° Max 30°
  • Sheet protection upper: 0,040 mm
  • Numbered sheet: 0,045 mm (x 30 sheets)
  • Lower blade: 0,140 mm
  • Total thickness of the carpet: 1.53 mm
  • Duration 2 years
  • Field Hospitals, clean rooms, clinics, public and private Industries food, chemical, pharmaceutical,

Biomaster is an antimicrobial technology effective against a wide range of microorganisms (bacteria and mold), and as such is used in many sectors.

All products containing Biomaster, have been tested in independent laboratories, according to ISO 22196:2011


  • Clean and dry the floor.
  • Remove the protective film from the side of the floor and replace the carpet with care not to create wrinkles and wrinkles.
  • Remove the protective film on the top layer.
  • The carpet is ready for use.
  • When the layer to lose its adhesiveness, remove the sheet through the label numbered.


  • Flammability: low. The product can catch fire only if it is in contact with
    flames If ignited, could cause tearing and choking.
  • Skin contact: in case of hypersensitivity. Rinse with cold water and consult your doctor.
  • Contact with the eyes, injection and inhalation: not applicable.


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Carpet disinfectant with biocidal 90 x 115 cm Mat of 30 sheets for 30 days



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