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Bronze Sunshine is a bronzer natural with an additional color immediately ,ideal for sensitive skin.


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Bronze Sunshine 15ml

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Bronzer natural for an additional color immediately


Nut oil and extract of black walnut: natural Extracts that generate a tan immediately uniform and without stains

Extracts from the fruit of the vanilla: a Strong antioxidant with healing properties to promote healthy skin and no wrinkles

Shea butter: Leaves the skin soft and hydrated and improves the appearance of dry skin

Extracts of plantain: Optimizes the tanning providing necessary ingredients for the production of melanin

Vitamin E: Neutralizes free radicals and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Without paraben: Ideal for sensitive skin.


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Amount of product15ml
Delivery time:In stock
FormatOn a single dose
Nationality manufacturerUSA

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