Q-Med has combined the effect of three beauty treatments, highly specialized on a single machine.


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Bodywave 46/180 SUN + SLIM


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Q-Med has combined the effect of three beauty treatments, highly specialized on a single machine. With a single investment, Bodywave will improve your profits, allowing you to schedule more sessions thanks to the possibility of offering 7 beauty treatments for different needs:

1. Sun + anti-cellulite
2. Sun + slimming
3. Sun + toning
4. Only sun
5. Only anti-cellulite
6. Only slimming
7. Just toning

Bodywave combat the fluid retention to mobilize and act on the celulítis. Thanks to the effect of low frequency vibrations also has a relaxing effect induced by massaging the spine and the groups of large muscles as well as the effect of drainage. Is achieved an effect of total well-being: the rays warm up, tan and pamper the body, generating a feeling of comfort, harmony and beauty.

SLIMMING (mediumHz)
Bodywave combat the accumulation of fat and retention of fluids to mobilize and to act on the imperfections of local fast and effective way. The results are visible immediately. All over the world, even the most 'lazy', you can achieve your goal of slimming for the more ambitious it is, in a short period of time. Thanks to the heat, the fluid may drain more quickly, burn more calories and cellular metabolism increases in an incredible way.

Bodywave obtained extraordinary results in terms of performance, strength and energy. Its action stimulates all the chemical functions within the muscle, tonificándolo and define them more. In only 10 minutes, the muscular strength increases by 30%

AVAILABLE IN VERSION 50/180 -- 46/180 - 42/160 - 42/100

With its two-door Q-Med Bodywave 46/180 offers a maximum of comfort, while the 46 tubes of 180W guarantee a tan optimal. Thanks to the base and the roof reflective, up to the sites more difficult to reach are evenly tanned. Meanwhile, the system Climate Zone ensures a flow of cooling air that cools the body as well as the tubes, optimized for Fresh Ventilation System. The session becomes even more enjoyable thanks to the incorporation of the Sound Box (connection to the piped music center)and the Music System (Amplifier MP3 with 1 RCA, mono output, and regulation of volume on the panel (audio only) so that the customer can enjoy the music while doing the session. Optionally available with an Aroma of Cool Water.

Available in 3 designs 100% Aluminium: Fashion Black - Classic Black - Classic Pure


Data sheet

Quality Certificates CE
Aromatherapy Optional
Climate control air No
Delivery time: Sobre pedido 30-40 días
Equipment type Professional solarium
Warranty 2 years
Nationality manufacturer European Union - Italy
Brand Solarium Q-med
Power tubes 180W
Spraying of water Opcional
Control system Optional
Total Body Lamps 46
Transport and assembly Not included
Voltage 380V


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